About (2016)

I really don’t make new year’s resolutions but…

This year is the year of the book.

As an early career academic currently not teaching, I’ve been focusing on researching, writing and publishing for the last year or so. My PhD (awarded 2014, from Queen Mary, University of London) focused on how Victorian women novelists and activists were influenced by literature about female missionaries. I’ve since published on female missionary biography and newsletters and on the college principal and religious writer, Constance Maynard. I’ve also given conference papers in the UK and US on Constance Maynard, Olive Schreiner, Sarah Grand, and Margaret Harkness.

Now though, it’s time to get my thoughts in order and get on with turning my thesis into a book. I’m hoping that blogging will help me do this. I have reason to be optimistic: there are other blogs out there that were started for this same purpose – and at least some of them have resulted in a book.

(I found inspiration in https://tricksterprince.wordpress.com/ – especially his post https://tricksterprince.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/on-not-writing-again/https://tricksterprince.wordpress.com/2015/11/09/on-not-writing-again/)

At the very least this blog is a place for me to get down some ideas, think through some thoughts about aspects of history and literature, and reflect on the writing and publication process. So far I think readers have especially enjoyed my reviews and summaries of conference papers. This year I hope to get round to producing blog-versions of other conference papers, especially the one I’m producing for INCS.

One thing I would really like this year is to receive more comments and questions from readers. Not teaching means that I don’t have to explain what I mean as frequently as I used to – or process the more off-the-wall ideas undergrads can often come up with. So please – feel free to ask me anything!

I’m also going to continue to build my list of links to other blogs and websites related to nineteenth-century studies, academia more generally and the writing process. Recommendations are always welcome, as I’m sure there’s lots more good thinking and writing I’ve yet to discover out there in the blogosphere.

That’s plenty of procrastination material for a year – wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, it’s Happy New Year from ‘A Woman’s Thoughts’. I hope 2016 brings you luck with all your academic endeavours, whether it’s finishing the PhD, getting a job, or, like me, writing a book(!) Please do use the comment function to ask me questions, recommend a blog for my links section, or just to wish me luck!


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