Could you help me develop my links section?

I need your help!

I’ve finally got around to putting links on my site to the academic blogs I follow, and some to societies and libraries as well. They’re in rather loose categories at the moment, but I’m thinking this might evolve.

The main thing is though, that I know there are sites that I’ve missed or not yet encountered, so I’d be really grateful for suggestions of blogs/sites I should include. My initial aim was to focus on nineteenth-century/Victorian blogs, but as you might see, this has expanded. There are lots of people out there writing great things about the process of history, for example, who don’t fit into my nineteenth-century frame, but whose work is tremendously helpful in thinking about my disciplines.

So please do take a look (just scroll down) and use the ‘leave a comment’ or ‘leave a reply’ function for any suggestions of sites and blogs you might have.

Thanks in advance!


One thought on “Could you help me develop my links section?

  1. Please ignore the Jim Katcavage reference. I am challenged in WordPress.
    May I suggest a link to my recently created blog:
    My (peculiar) sphere of interest is compiling the various scandals that involved clergymen in the Victorian Church of England. There was – in the words of one churchman – a “superfluity of naughtiness” among the vicars, rectors, curates – and even a few Deans and Prebendaries – of the day.
    Thank you.
    See also my new Kindle boon: Clerical Errors – A Victorian Series, Volume 1.
    Tom Hughes

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