Getting organized for conferences in 2016

I thought I’d share the table I put together to help me work out which conferences I’m going to to try to attend this year. It’s a very subjective selection, but might be of use to others interested in nineteenth-century women’s studies.

Conference Dates Location CFP date
INCS (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies): ‘Natural and Unnatural Histories’ March 10-13 Asheville, North Carolina (USA) NA (passed)
‘Charlotte Brontë: A Bicentennial Celebration of her Life and Works’ May 13-14 Chawton House Library, Hampshire (UK) January 15
BWWC (British Women Writers Conference): ‘Making a Scene’ June 2-5 University of Georgia, Athens (USA) January 15
Literary London: ‘London and the Globe’ July 6-8 Senate House, London (UK) February 15
Victorian Popular Fiction Conference: ‘Victorian Popular Genres’ July 13-15 Senate House, London (UK) April 1
Brontë Society Charlotte Brontë Bicentenary August 19-21 Manchester (UK) NA
BAVS (British Association Victorian Studies): ‘Consuming (the) Victorians’ August 31-September 2 Cardiff University (UK) March 1
NAVSA (North American Victorian Studies Association): ‘Social Victorians’ November 2-5 Phoenix, Arizona (USA) February 1
Big BERKS (Berkshire Conference of Women Historians triennial conference): ‘Difficult Conversations’ June 1-4 (2017) Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York (USA) February 5 (2016)

As you can see, this selection rather reflects how split I am at the moment between the US and the UK. So far I know I’m going to INCS and probably to BWWC, but the UK conferences are more difficult as I don’t yet know when I’ll be able to make trips back. I hope to at least make it to BAVS this year.

NAVSA in November and BERKS in 2017 just seem too far away for me to plan at the moment, but I definitely want to submit abstracts for those – I’ve heard good things about NAVSA, and the last big Berks in Toronto was quite an experience.

In any event, they all look like they’re going to be great. Thanks and good luck to everyone involved in organizing!


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