About two years ago, when I relaunched this blog, I wrote that 2016 would be the year of the book.

Instead, it turned out to be the year of Trump, and Brexit, and a somewhat difficult return to the UK. 2017 started well with the publication, not of the book, but at least a book: the book version of the Women’s History special issue that I had co-edited with some colleagues the year before (available here). It’s also been a year of conferences, a short-term fellowship at the John Rylands Research Institute, and a British Academy application. I still believe that I’ll write the book of my PhD – how women’s missionary writing shaped the development of nineteenth century women’s literature – especially now that I’ve been given the opportunity to also edit a volume of primary texts related to my subject.

This blog though is a space for me to develop ideas, reflect on conference papers and share tips about the research, writing and publishing process that have helped me.

I hope you enjoy reading it – and do get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or advice.



Why ‘A Woman’s Thoughts About…’?

The title of this blog is taken from a work by Dinah Craik A Woman’s Thoughts about Women, which was a sort of advice manual she wrote for single women, made up of essays that she wrote in 1857 and published in book form in 1858. I came across this book when I was in my second or third year at Exeter university, thanks to Angelique Richardson and Exeter’s wonderful Hypatia Collection. However, Craik has been under-studied in recent times and her books rarely appear on course reading lists. We know much of what we know about her thanks to Sally Mitchell’s biography and study of her works: Dinah Mulock Craik (Twayne, 1983), online version: http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/craik/mitchell/1.html. Mitchell’s introduction to A Woman’s Thoughts about Women is here.


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